Cinnamon, apples and oats are the essence of fall for me but here we are mid summer and I’m missing the three already! Well, I have my apple pie quinoa chia puddings every so often for breakfast but it’s not the same because my chia puddings tend to be cold and even when I make […]


I thought that I’d go back to the basic classics for this week’s Fiesta Friday by making a lovely batch of lady fingers biscuits! If you don’t know what these are, you’ve been missing out cupcake! Lady finger biscuits are essential for making tiramisu and although I’m no tiramisu fan (yeah, I know it’s crazy […]


Grayson and I rarely ever go to Richmond these days because we rather spend our time downtown basking in the summer sun. But, I wasn’t feeling too well one day and it wasn’t too sunny out either so we ended up going to Richmond for the first time in months instead. Plus, the giant bug […]


Lil’ bun and mother deer are both in Hong Kong doing some exploring right now and here’s her review of a few snack items sorry, I meant a few “snackage” items that she’s tried! She’s never done a food review before but that girl LOVES to write so I told her to give it a […]


Once upon a time, for my birthday, I went to 0755 lounge. I don’t really go to bars or lounges on a regular basis so it was a nice change of scenery for me. From the outside of the lounge, you cant really tell what’s on the inside because they black out all their windows… […]


These were a quick experimental bake that came about because my bag of chocolate chips ended up melting because they were sitting out in the sun ): Well not literally but they were in a spot that was warm enough that got them melting so being the baker that I am, I had to figure […]


If you came to me a month ago and asked me about protein, I would probably reply with “what? protein supplements? why is that even necessary?” but I’ve been getting more and more into fitness lately and after doing lots of research, I realized that if I wanted to tone up and retain what I […]


Oooooo my favorite time of the weekk….Fiesta Friday! I love going to these every week now and I’m so glad to have been able to be introduced to them! Everyone is so nice there and I get new baking inspirations all the time. If you haven’t heard about it yet I highly suggest you head […]


After lots and lots of editing and baking, I finally decided to just go for it and launch my project. I know I said I was scared to do so, but I figured why not just go for it and see how it goes? I mean I had nothing to lose (well maybe a little […]


Grayson and I have been to Hae Zuk before and we loved our visit so much the first time we just HAD to come back. Plus 20% off all food along with $8.99 sapporo pitchers during happy hour from 4pm – 7pm? SOLD! We ended up walking in around 6pm and since it wasn’t too […]


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