As promised, I finally got around to bringing Grayson over to Marulilu cafe for tea time on a sunny Sunday. Since it was tea time, I decided to get a lavender latte. I haven’t had a latte in a while so I just had to get one plus, I’ve seen lavender lattes all over the […]


HAPPY 1 YEAR BLOG-IVERSERY TO MEEE! I can’t believe that it has already been a WHOLE YEAR since I started this blog! I’ve done so much growing since I first started this blog both inside and out and goodness it’s been a journey! Oh and while we’re on the topic of growing, before I go […]


Hello hello Fiesta Friday lovelies! I’ve been trying my hand at gluten free desserts again this week and seeing that the mangoes I had at home were getting super ripe, I decided that I wanted to make something mango related. But as much as I love mango pudding, I didn’t want to go the easy […]


Grayson and I went to Momo sushi for the first time a couple of weeks ago because we decided to eat there before heading on down to watch the Celebration of Lights fireworks. Now, we’ve been anticipating for this trip for a while now because we’ve seen branches of Momo sushi all over downtown so […]


As you may know by now, I’ve been trying to incorporate more protein into my meals lately and I’ve been struggling to do so because I can only eat so much protein foods in a day. Plus, as much as I love my Quest bars…they get a little pricy after a while at $2.50 each! […]


Lil’ bun is finally back and after a long 6 weeks of going without more Western cuisine, she was having an inkling for chicken strips/chicken tenders! And let’s be honest, chicken strips from fast food joints and the frozen food aisle are definitely not the healthiest things out there because most of the time they […]


Lil’ bun wanted me to make her a batch of snickerdoodle cookies because she was feeling like having a cinnamon-y tasting pastry without having to wait for the whole 2 hours for me to make cinnamon buns. I offered to make her my quick cinnamon bun recipe that uses baking powder/soda to leaven the dough […]


Raven and I found out that there was a new cafe in Burnaby and it only made sense for us to go there on our girls day out. (: The interior of the cafe had a clean fresh look to it with lots of manga art, figurines and they even had a little bookshelf stocked […]


I did a ladyfingers post for FF last week andΒ  I mentioned that Madeleine cookies are lil’ bun’s favorite type of cookies of all time. At that time I said that I would try making madeleines as soon as I get my hands on one of those madeleine pans and that day came surprisingly fast […]


I’ve been wanting to do a post on eating disorders for the longest time and I’ve been putting it off because I haven’t been able to figure out how I should approach such a “touchy” subject. I mean I’m no dietician or nutritionist and everything I have to say about it is a result of […]


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