Usually I bang out recipes like no tomorrow on my blog but it’s been a little slower lately because 1) I want to spend more time perfecting my recipes, and 2) it’s paper season at school and instead of being able to spend my time writing ever so passionately about food, I have to channel […]


I feel so spoiled every time I go to Gyo-O because I get to eat such amazingly delicious food. Just thinking about all the yumminess I had the other night right now just makes me hungry all over again. We decided to get the tuna carpaccio ($6.95) because we enjoyed their scallop carpaccio so much […]


Lil’ bun and I LOVE our CINNAMON. We love everything and anything with cinnamon in it. Especially if they’re in a pastry of sorts ;) Snickerdoodles are cookies that are unique in and of themselves because their tops are branded with a signature crackle pattern. This pattern is produced as a result of adding cream […]


Cream puffs. Glorious cream puffs. How could something that looks so innocent be so difficult and technical to make? But I guess, this is what they mean when they say hard work pays off. At first, they might seem challenging because the pate a choux pastry and custard cream can go array in a blink […]


After the most delicious and outstanding visit to Kazu a couple of weeks ago (view post here), I decided to go there again, this time with my own family. We rarely ever dine out for dinner but, Mother deer was out later than usual and so was I so neither of us had the opportunity […]


Okay…so I’ve just realized that I’ve been nominated for the Liebster award…not once, not twice, but a total of FIVE times! And here are the lovely, talented, amazing ladies that decided to bestow such an award onto me Jess @ sprinklesandsugarplums Lori @ mermaidtresses Paula @ rawfooddiaries Jess @ thelondonveganblog Martina @ makeshakeandbake I don’t […]


Yup, that’s right. Today’s all about going back to basics with the ever so classic and scrumptious…chocolate chip cookie! I know there are millions of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there but this is my take on it and it’s my favorite way to make them. So how do you create the most perfectly decadent […]


On our way toย Gyoza King a couple of weekends ago, Grayson and I walked by Morocco West. We wanted to go in for dinner but they were all booked up so we decided that we would go another day. We ended up going a couple of weekends afterwards and for some reason we thought that […]


Admittedly, I’m not a fine dining type of gal but it was Grayson and I’s anniversary last week and we ended up going to Horizons for dinner. To be honest, unless we saw an advertisement for Horizons, we never thought to come here because it was so out of the way from what we were […]


I was sitting in my Archaeology class the other day and we were learning all about the foods that were first domesticated in Canada. One of which was…MAPLE! I mean, there’s a reason as to why there’s a maple leaf on our national flag you know! Being the foodie blogger that I am, I lingered […]


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