Oracle and I were supposed to go to Roundel cafe a couple of months ago but there was a line out the door so we opted to go somewhere else to eat instead. But, I wasn’t about to move on and not try food at Roundel so I went there again a different day. I […]


Grayson and I were supposed to go to Sura a while ago but we got distracted and ate somewhere else instead. So when one of my friends were visiting from Toronto, I suggested that we go there because well, I really wanted to get Korean food and she doesn’t get it often either so it […]


Hello Fiesta Friday lovelies, I don’t think many of you know this because you may be new to my blog but I LOVE making bread and a majority of the recipes on my blog have been yeast bread recipes. Now, I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for the longest time now but I really […]


Our extended family went to Toku for a family dinner a while ago at Toku because it opened recently and apparently they had 5 really good Japanese chefs there so we had to go try it out. Toku is located in Landsdowne mall where Sui Sha Ya used to be but upon entering the building […]


Lil’ bun and I are obsessed with the chewy texture glutinous rice flour gives baked goods so we decided to make a bunch of treats that used that type of flour and compile it into a blog post! These recipes aren’t our own and we found them all online so here’s how ours turned out […]


Not too long ago, we went on a family road trip to Oregon and while we were there we decided to eat at a few popular spots. The first one we decided to go to was Voodoo donuts because we heard they had dozens of donuts to choose from there. Originally we were going to […]


Gyo-0 is one of my favorite Japanese restaurants to eat at but since I’m rarely ever in Richmond, I don’t get to go there very often :( So after a long day of blueberry picking one fine Sunday afternoon, I told mother deer that we should go there for lunch to refuel after a long […]


A couple weeks ago, Huntress and I decided to visit Oracle near her work place for lunch. Apparently the two of them did this often and I got a little jealous so I decided to tag along for this trip. Plus, they were going to get Shishinori and who would I be if I turned […]


School’s up and starting again and that means I’m going to have less time for blogging and baking ): I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve had the time to do some real baking but a cooking recipe is as good as any! This week I’d like to introduce you all to something […]


I think I’ve mentioned this before in passing but Grayson is not a fan of Korean food because unlike me, he’s not a fan of spicy food. BUT one fine day, he FINALLY agreed to go with me and on the way there, we passed by Hapa. We’ve been to Hapa a few times in […]


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