blueberry cheesecake loaf

Ahh, it’s finally almost berry season! Is anyone else just as excited about it as I am? Every year my family and I always go blueberry picking a couple times just to make sure that our berry cravings are satisfied. This ultimately means that we pick enough to make sure that we have some munch […]


A little while ago, I was given the honor of attending a meet and greet event for the launch of Rosie Aleya’s brand new bakebook, Sweetapolita! Words cannot describe how excited I was when I received the invite to go because I’ve been following Rosie’s blog for years. I mean her cakes are absolutely incredible! […]

Grayson and I passed by Tri-bull a couple of weeks ago during their grand opening event and immediately decided that we would come back for a visit whenever we had the chance because it looked like a good place to go seeing that it was so crowded outside.

chelsea loaf

Do you loaf bread? Because I know I sure do. Especially the kind that’s jam packed full of healthy seeds, nuts and dried fruit.

mocha brownie cookies

What do you do when you can’t decide between making cookies or brownies? You make BROOKIES! You read me right, I said brookies. Never heard of them before? Well, you’re missing out because it’s a heavenly cross between the oh so chewy cookie and the fudgy brownie.


It was mother deer’s birthday a while ago and we decided to head on over to Nanaimo sushi for dinner to celebrate it. Usually we’d just go to one of the many Japanese restaurants we have quite literally 2 minutes from our house, but brother deer had work that day and Nanaimo would be closer […]


We decided to get mother deer a cake from Thierry for her birthday. Typically I’m the one who chooses the cake but this year, it was brother deer’s responsibility because he worked downtown that day. He decided to get the passion fruit cake that was filled with passion fruit mousse, white genoise and passion fruit […]

superfood cookies

Hello lovelies, long time no talk! I feel like I haven’t baked in forever because of all the final exams I’ve been writing lately… On the bright side, I’m done writing them all now and that means that it’s finally over! Well, at least for the time being because even though I finished my degree, […]


Grayson decided to bring me to Joey’s for a surprise brunch date. I’ve never been here before so as you would expect, I was quite excited. I asked why he picked Joey’s and he said it’s because they offered a vegetarian/gluten-free menu, I told him that he was being thoughtful for doing that. I liked […]

vesta grill

Love barbeque, chicken and all things Korean fusion? Well, this is the perfect place for you! Vesta Grill is located in a small strip mall near Coquitlam center and it took Grayson and I a good 20 minutes to locate the place because it was so hidden! But it really shouldn’t be because this is […]


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