Sinh Sinh Vietnamese cuisine

Yay for being able to experience a new amazing restaurant with new delicious food in a neighbourhood that I’m rarely ever in! Meet Sinh Sinh Vietnamese Cuisine on Victoria Drive! Grayson and I stumbled upon this place because we got our hungry selves lost on the way back to Burnaby and goodness were we glad […]

matcha glazed red bean donuts

Ahhh, it’s that time again. Matcha time. Every now and then I go mad for matcha. I need it, I want it, and I crave it in any shape or form. But as much as I love my matcha white chocolate cookies, matcha chia pudding, matcha redbean rolls, and matcha redbean buns, I was just […]

soft peaks

There’s been so much hype about soft peaks lately and what kind of food blogger would I be if I didn’t join in on it? What’s soft peaks? Soft peaks is the newest up and coming homemade ice cream shop in Gastown! Excerpt from media release: “Brothers Dan & Ken Kim have a passion for […]

lemon poppy seed loaf

Mother deer loves it when I put poppy seeds in my bakes. That’s why I’ve made quite a few things with the combination in the past…like my poppy seed bagels, vegan poppy seed loaf, and poppy seed pullapart bread.

sweet potato pulled pork quinoa shepherd's pie

I had a whole bowl of leftover mashed sweet potato in my fridge after making a batch of my sweet potato buns and while I could of just eaten such deliciousness as is, I decided that I would do something more inventive with it… by making a healthy version of shepherd’s pie!


Happy lunar new year everyone! I am feverishly busy with exams this week and so I was unable to develop new recipes for the occasion. However, I did make a couple batches of glutinous rice balls, almond cookies, pineapple pastries and new year baked glutinous rice cake for the occasion! As much as I love […]


Ahhh, here we are at last. Suika. This was seriously a long time coming. A whole four years have magically gone by since I’ve first heard of this place and I have finally been able to go! And upon walking in, I just HAD to take a picture of their “signature” sake bottle light fixture. […]

little babycakes

Little BabyCakes is a catering company that offers a variety of mini bite sized cupcakes. They currently only take orders online but they will soon open a storefront so that everyone can have access to their delicious cupcakes! The cupcakes are priced at $7 a box (6 cupcakes) and $13 for two boxes (a dozen). […]

Aotoya blue door

Grayson and I went to Aotoya blue door for lunch last weekend and it was quite the experience! Aotoya blue door is a small Japanese owned restaurant on Victoria that specializes in serving Japanese set meals (teishoku). We rarely ever see Japanese restaurants serving food in this manner so we decided to give it a […]

red bean flower buns

I know I say this all the time but it’s been a while since I’ve made yeast bread. Especially ones in the bun variety. I was about to just make simple dinner rolls but Lil’ bun said she wanted to eat red bean buns so I decided to make those for her instead! I know, […]


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