I’ve walked by Pizza Fabrika on numerous occasions on my way down to English Bay but have yet to give it a try because there are just too many restaurants along this street! But, I finally got the opportunity to give it a try a couple of weeks ago when I got invited to a […]

japanese cotton cheesecake

Cheesecake isn’t one of my favorite desserts out there because it tends to get too dense for my liking after a few bites but one version of cheesecake I can’t get over is the Japanese kind! It’s texture is similar to a souffle so it’s nice and fluffy soft; hence the name cotton cheese cake! […]

turtles cookies

I made a batch of these adorable little Turtles cookies for one of the classes I volunteer with the other day and they loved it so much that they all asked me for the recipe! We were also learning about the importance of recycling and saving tree so instead of printing out copies of the […]


Grayson and I went to Kits beach last weekend because it was FINALLY sunny and we really wanted to go to the beach. Yes, it’s still practically winter, and we’re really border-lining on spring but we decided to go to the beach anyways because, why not? After spending a lovely day walking along the beach, […]


Grayson comes here with his friends…A LOT because they always hang out in Richmond but being that we are rarely ever here, I have yet to try Kingspark. But, one day we were running errands down in Richmond and we really wanted Hong Kong cafe food but it was getting late so we didn’t have […]

how to bake spaghetti squash

Oh my gosh! I finally got my hands on a spaghetti squash! And I’m seriously OBSESSED. I’ve heard about this wonderful, magical squash since forever but haven’t been able to find it anywhere until now…and here’s how I prepped it!

I have recently come across something amazing….buckwheat flour! I’ve been using it for practically everything because it’s texture resembles all-purpose flour so beautifully. It’s like magic! While I want to use it in everything I bake, I usually only use it in my breakfast recipes because this way I don’t end up using the whole […]

tomato rice

I always see crock-pot recipes on the interweb but I don’t own a crock pot so I thought about it and realized that a rice cooker works similarly to a crock pot! I mean, you put everything you want to cook in it, push a button, leave it alone, give it some time and voila […]

chewy junior

I’ve walked by chewy junior on my way to school waaayy too often and I figured that it was about time for me to enter it’s doors and try one for myself! Chewy junior offers a variety of cream puff like pastries that look like donuts! They range from $2.50 – $3.00! Meaning that they […]

s'mores pull apart loaf

Hello hello lovelies! I feel like I say this every single time I make bread but…it’s been a while. I wish I didn’t have to say that as often as I do because making bread is one of the best stress relievers in the world. At least that’s how it works for me.


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