white chocolate matcha brownies

Matcha AND white chocolate together? In a brownie? YES PLEASE! These brownies are seriously one of the fudgey-ist brownies I’ve ever made in my life! Not to mention how perfectly the earthiness of the matcha balances out the sweetness of the white chocolate <3

braided apple cinnamon brioche bread

Am I the only one out there who’s in love with apples? I literally eat an apple a day and have been doing so for the past year or so. Why? Well, because not only do they keep the doctor away but they’re also crunchy, sweet, tangy, tart, and everything in between due to all […]


Mother deer, lil’ bun and I decided to go out for dinner at Sushi Giwa the other day because it was just going to be three of us and we basically cleared out the fridge for the week already so dining out seemed like the best option! miso soup that came with our meal: We […]

maple pecan granola

This granola is sweetened with maple syrup and is jam packed with loads of nuts, seeds and dried fruit to help you start your day off right. It’s perfect to have with milk, on top of yogurt or even alone as a healthy crunchy snack to steer away those midnight munchies or afternoon slumps.

chocolate almond cupcakes

These were the MOISTEST, SOFTEST, most AMAZING cupcakes I have ever had in my life. Seriously. And the fact that they were vegan was just icing on the cake.

malay curry house

Malaysian is one of those cuisines that are so hard to come by in Burnaby. So when mother deer told me about Malay Curry house, it was inevitable that I paid them a visit the following weekend. Similarly to some of the Hong Kong cafes here, you have the option of choosing a soup base, […]

minute rice

A couple of weeks ago I attended yet another web event and this time it was for Minute Riceยฎ! Being that I live in an Asian household, I had never come across minute rice before because it was just never used in my house. We always cooked rice from scratch in our rice cooker and […]

late night oatmeal cookies

Are any of you girls as crazy about Once upon a time as I am? To be honest I haven’t caught up with it in a while because I’ve been so busy but Grayson and I used to watch it together all the time. Being the fans that we were, we figured that it was […]

blueberry cheesecake loaf

Ahh, it’s finally almost berry season! Is anyone else just as excited about it as I am? Every year my family and I always go blueberry picking a couple times just to make sure that our berry cravings are satisfied. This ultimately means that we pick enough to make sure that we have some munch […]


A little while ago, I was given the honor of attending a meet and greet event for the launch of Rosie Aleya’s brand new bakebook, Sweetapolita! Words cannot describe how excited I was when I received the invite to go because I’ve been following Rosie’s blog for years. I mean her cakes are absolutely incredible! […]


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