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Time for a brunch girls day again! This time we decided to go to the baguette bistro since it was a close walk from our homes. It’s also only open for breakfast and lunch so it was the perfect time to go! Once I walked in, the cutest French lady came over to help me get seated, and she insisted to help me put my mini itty bitty umbrella in the umbrella stand. I thought it was really sweet of her to do so.IMG-20130927-02788

Two eggs any style ($6.00): I ordered my eggs poached and it came with sausages, a baguette and sauteed potatoes. I thought the eggs were a little too vinegar-y from the poaching liquid, but it was tolerable. Placing the poached egg on the piece of baguette toast and just slicing into it allowing the yolk to ooze all over the crunchy bread was just lovely. I like to eat my eggs and toast this way because I love the way done easy yolks taste, so that’s why I usually order them poached. M got the same but just with her eggs scrambled instead of poached. She said they were really nice and fluffy which is always a plus! We both really liked the sauteed potatoes; they were herb-alicious with a nice dash of salt.

Baguette Willy ($7.75): Neko was seeking for something that wasn’t typical for breakfast, and this is what she decided on getting. It was an open-faced baguette with black forest ham, scrambled eggs and (loads of) cheese sauce on top. Her dish also came with sauteed potatoes. After about half of it, the cheese sauce got to be a little too much though when she was nearing the end of her meal, so she had to scrape some of it off, but nevertheless, she enjoyed it overall.


Nordique Baguette ($9.25): It had the classic combination of smoked salmon, cucumbers, and onions, with a lemon dill cream cheese sauce. All it was missing were the capers! She also had the daily soup, I forget what the soup was now, but she couldn’t stop drinking it because it was that good!


I’ll definitely be back here to try a lunch sandwich next time and be a little more adventurous with my dining pick. It’s a pretty busy place for a small shop so perhaps reservations are in order if you are to pay this place a visit. If not, trust me, it’s worth the wait!
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