Anton’s pasta bar

For mother deer’s birthday this year, she didn’t want to go far so we decided to go to Antons for some pasta since she hadn’t been back here for years. Lil’ bun has never been here before even though it’s not far from where we live, and she’s been half nagging at us to give it a visit so she could finally try it.

We were provided dinner rolls upon ordering. Mother deer didn’t look too impressed when she saw them though because she said that the bread was served warm and were house made when she first went here years ago.

We ordered the Gamberi prawns ($10.50) with white wine butter sauce as a starter.Β We (wrongfully) thought that the portion of this appetizer would be larger than it actually was. For a plate of ten small shrimp for that price, was a little absurd to us. We also found them overly buttered and didn’t enjoy them very much.


Brother deer wanted to order the tortellini alla panna ($16.75), it was turkey stuffed with cream sauce. Lil bun enjoyed this because she liked the creaminess of it. They both worked hard at trying to finish the dish, but they didn’t exactly succeed in such.


Mother deer and I chose to share the fusilli marsala because we like tomato sauces better. It came with a decent amount of chicken and mushrooms. We thought that there was a little too much tomato sauce on the dish, but that’s a minor thing. We didn’t end up finishing the dish either.


In the end we took half of each dish home. If you are up for a challenge, you can try to finish a plate yourself and you get to take a pen home to prove your accomplishment. Its a little difficult to find parking around here since it Antons gets super busy around prime lunch and dinner times. There’s usually a line up out the door that reaches the neighboring store front so get there early! Unfortunately they don’t take reservations either so you’re out of luck and need to wait line with everybody else. While I can see why they have a policy of not seating you until your whole party has arrived, it can be a little difficult if you ever want a birthday party here. Note: they only take cash or debit.

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