The Eatery

I’m no stranger here, well not a regular either, what I mean is I’ve been here a few times. Its where Wilson and I used to go during our HUGE THREE HOUR breaks in between classes…with Larissa when she was still around. We went back again over the summer with Tyi and Neko. I love looking at the interior of The Eatery because there’s just so much to look at! Such an eccentric collection of papermache creations! They also have a HUGE astro boy, but I didn’t manage to take a snap shot of it.




The Eatery offers a variety of “funky” rolls that are full of fusion flavors and inventiveness. They also offer alcoholic bar drinks and the usual rice and soba/udon dishes you’d normally find at Japanese restaurants. If you’re up for a complete new take on Japanese cuisines, this is the place to go. We ended up ordering a roll each, and oddly enough each one suited our personalities, I’ll leave the rest up to interpretation haha. Rolls are in the order as they are displayed in the photo.

The sweetheart roll ($7.75): It had black sesame sauce, spicy tuna, chopped scallop, and tobiko. Neko and I love our chopped scallop so we HAD to try this one. Instead of being in the roll alongside the spicy tuna, the chopped scallop ended up being part of the topping on the roll. It was pretty good though, we’ve had better spicy tuna rolls and scallop but we enjoyed the addition of the sesame sauce.

Erotica roll ($6.95): It was a roll with salmon, tuna, roe, avocado, crab and cucumber with mayo on top. Basically a california roll with fish toppings, it was decent.

S&M roll ($6.95): It came with mango, avocado, and tempura bits, with a smoked salmon topping. The mango and avocado was such a creamy combination that the tempura bits were a nice crunch to balance it all out nicely. The smoked salmon gave it the little bit of salt it needed to create a perfect match.



Well, Neko really likes to challenge people, and she challenged Chief into a wasabi eating challenge. In hindsight, I probably should of taken a photo of the roll before this happened, but I tried!

Viva las vegas roll ($7.95): Out of all the rolls I thought this one was the most intriguing. It had crab, eel, avocado, cream cheese, spicy miso-mayonnaise and was tried up tempura style. I’ve never had tempura styled sushi before so this was a first for me. It was a little too heavy on the mayonnaise which led to us having a hard time tasting the crab and eel in it. I’m used to having sushi to be cold, so having a warm roll was odd to me as well. The rest of them enjoyed it though, so I’m just a strange one I guess.


The staff here is attentive and friendly as well so that’s always a plus. The only downside is if you’re short on cash, you’ll probably shy away from it since the rolls do tend to be on the pricier side and it takes a few to leave feeling full! But the place is so FUNKY you’ll have to go back!

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  1. […] sushi because everything on the menu was quite affordable. In a way, they also reminded me ofΒ the eatery because they had a good amount of funky creative special rolls that I’ve never heard of […]


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