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Time for THAI! Yeup, I finally convinced Grayson to go for Thai with me at Chad Thai. When we walked in the restaurant, it was quite full already, but luckily there was one more table available for us…it was right by the door though, except we figured we shouldn’t complain since we actually ended up with a table. The service was quite attentive…perhaps overly attentive at times because we felt almost as if we were being rushed to finish our dinner but we’d take more service is better than no service any day.


Anyways, on to the food now. We decided to each pick a dish and then choose one to share so that we could try a few things. Being ever so thoughtful, Grayson let me choose a vegetarian dish for our sharing plate. I really wanted to try the Chad Thai garden which was a vegetarian fresh wrap with tofu, mushroom, carrot, lettuce, and basil…but unfortunately they didn’t have that available for the day ): So, I chose the Pad Pak Ruam ($9.99) for us instead. It was a vegetable stir fry of baby corn, carrots, bell peppers, green beans, and button mushrooms with oyster sauce. I liked that it wasn’t overly oily when stir fried and the vegetables weren’t over cooked so they still had a bite to them as well.


For myself I chose the tom yum noodle with tofu ($9.99), in it was rice noodles in tom yum soup with button mushrooms, lemongrass, red onions, lime leaves and galangal. I thought that the tofu would be firm tofu instead of fried tofu puffs, so I assumed wrong on that, but I didn’t mind it so much because it was so delicious!Β  The soup wasn’t like any of the tom yum I’ve had before, because it was made creamy with coconut milk, which added a nutty aspect to the soup. The lemongrass was noticeable in the broth as well, making it amazingly fragrant. I ordered it with medium spiciness, and it wasn’t unbearably hot (least not for me). I liked that even with the spice, I could still taste the flavor of the soup through the heat, which to me, means…it was made spicy, in the good way. Mmmm…it was so incredibly yummily satisfying that I’d come back again for just this bowl of noodles.


Grayson ordered the Gai Yan ($8.99), which was grilled chicken with herbs and spices with a sweet chili sauce. He also ordered a “small” bowl of coconut rice ($3.00) to go with it. I phrase it as “small” because it was a pretty big bowl of rice to be considered small, it was probably the same amount as 1.5 – 2 normal rice bowls of rice. I’ve never had coconut rice before so I tried some of his, and gosh, that rice was amazingly aromatic and it was coconut-y sweet, but not so much so that it was desserty. It was just lovely. Grayson thought the chicken was really fragrant in it’s use of herbs, and almost reminded him of Vietnamese lemon grass chicken.


We were a little disappointed with the timing of when the food came to the table though. I received my noodle soup first, then the vegetable stir fry came along with the coconut rice, and last came the grilled chicken. The problem with this was, Grayson’s grilled chicken arrived at our table 30 minutes AFTER I received my noodle by that time my rice noodles soaked up most of the soup and started to become soggy ): Grayson’s rice also got cold during the waiting process because he was waiting to eat it with the chicken and vegetable stir fry, which also got cold by this point. Despite all the service and food arrival flaws, without a doubt, we’ll eat here again because the food was just that delicious.


Here’s my thoughts on my lunch visit just a week after!

The first thing I noticed was how they had a separate menu for lunch, one that had way more pictures! Having the pictures made ordering a lot easier because I already knew what to expect out of the dish beforehand. The other difference that I noticed was that the lunch meals came with a soup and an appetizer. I didn’t have the crispy wontons, because they just aren’t for me, but from what I could tell, they were nicely fried and crunchy. I tried some of the sweet chili sauce it came with though, and it had the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. The soup had shiitake mushrooms, diced carrots and I think jicama? I thought the soup had a clean broth-like taste to it, and I found it to be quite an enjoyable opener to my meal ahead.


For lunch, I chose to get the Sukho Thai noodle with soup ($8.99) which was a thin rice noodle in spicy stock, chicken, bean sprouts, green beans, green onions, ground chili, and coriander. Oh, it was also supposed to come with a crispy wonton skin and peanuts on top but I told the server that I didn’t want them in my noodles. After she put the order in, she so kindly came back over to our table and made sure to ask me whether I just didn’t like peanuts or if I was allergic to them. I thought that small gesture was just ever so thoughtful. Anyway, back to the food, to my surprise, the green beans were still a little on the crunchy side? I didn’t mind them that way though, since I thought it allowed for the dish to have a contrasting texture to the ‘soft’ noodle and chicken. Speaking of which, the chicken was a little on the dry side so that was a little disappointing. Except none of that is important because the broth, was so amazingly good. I actually liked it better than the tom yum, which is really is something because I do love my tom yum soup. There was a a bit of acidity, the perfect amount of spice to have the broth shine through, it was just so simply delicious.


I wasn’t set on returning before because of the slow expediting of our food during dinner mishap, but after having this bowl of noodles and having the server double check my food specifications, I’m completely sold all over again! I…want another bowl of those noodles…like now.

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