Sanpachi ramen, minoas tavern, and true confections

Here’s a quick update about the places I’ve visited lately, exam season’s around the corner so I need to be brief this time and be a slightly less ramble-y version of myself.

First up, Sanpachi Ramen. I like going to sanpachi for ramen, and I’ve actually tried Hokkaido Santouka Ramen a few months back as well. I like the ramen at Santouka better but Sanpachi has better deals especially for late night. I ordered the sai sai ramen ($9.95) because I like my veggies. The ramen here is actually pretty good, it’s not over cooked and the noodles still have a bite too it. Maybe it’s because I ordered the vegetable ramen, but the broth did not have any flavor at all so that was a little disappointing. It was a little confusing to me as to why the vegetable ramen was more expensive than the ones with actual meat in it but oh well, that’s the cost of “healthier” living right? Although not as good as the ramen I had in Japan, I wouldn’t mind settling here for a meal, just maybe I’ll convince myself to get one with a meat based broth next time.


Ramen Sanpachi on Urbanspoon

We now go to Asia’s neighbor, Europe for some Greek. I ordered the small combo souvlaki with lamb and chicken ($11.95). I fell in love with the herbs used for the meat, it was absolutely aromatic with it’s thyme and oregano. Not to mention that it was tender too! The rice pilaf was flavorful and cooked with I think chicken broth. Well either way, it was yums. I liked that they had a side of carrots because I usually don’t see that and you usually just get the potatoes with your entree. It came with Greek salad too, and I liked the vinaigrette they used with it quite a bit as well.


Minoas Greek Taverna on Urbanspoon

Time for dessert and where better than sweet confections? I’ve actually had the red velvet cheesecake here before but my friend wanted to try it as well after I told them all about it so here I was having it for a second time. I’ve never been a fan of red velvet or cheesecake so I’m not quite sure as to why I went along with this choice in the first place. Anyhow, for someone who does enjoy both of those things my friend thought it was scrumptious. I guess I could see why because under all the cream cheese flavor you could still taste the hint of cocoa in the red velvet and it wasn’t too sweet of a cake either. Oh, and instead of the traditional graham cracker crust, they used a chocolate cookie based one. We both found that an interesting touch. They also serve alcoholic espresso/tea drinks here but we didn’t end up trying any of them on this trip.


True Confections on Urbanspoon

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