Pearl castle – Burnaby

After a whole entire day of shopping Grasyon and I decided to try out the new pearl castle that opened up in Burnaby. The two of us were both ravenously hungry and were not impressed when the server seated a three person party before us even though we had already been waiting half an hour. While we understood that the table was better suited for them, we were not impressed since we were already waiting for such a long time and our wait ended up being a whole 45 minutes long. For someone with low blood sugar, it was not a good time because I was about to faint from the lack of food, maybe a little more my fault on that one but still.

For dinner I ordered the kimchi seafood hotpot ($9.75) because I’ve had it before at the Richmond branch but it was not as good as the one there. It didn’t have much seafood in it and had mostly cabbage. The only ‘seafood’ there was in the pot was the five shrimps in there, and I guess the naruto fish cakes if that counts. Oh, even though it doesn’t say on the menu item, this dish includes pork slices as well. I find that in general the sliced pork that is served at pearl castle tends to be really fatty, Rather than a majority of the slice being meat, it was mostly fat, sort of like bacon. I wasn’t too fond of that either.


Grayson got the tomato and beef rice ($9.50), which came to the table unexpectedly in a hot pot style. Neither of us expected it to be presented this way but he enjoyed it quite a bit because the beef was very tender from the long time it had been stewing in the pot. He liked the side dishes quite a bit because he didn’t expect there to be any.


Grayson was still hungry since we did so much shopping so he ordered the Taiwanese sausage ($4.95) as well. He said it was pretty standard, so there’s not much to say here.


I liked the food I had at the Richmond branch much better so perhaps next time I feel like having pearl castle I’ll go to that one. If I want Taiwanese food in the area I would probably go over to ali shan across the street from this pearl castle at crystal mall just because I feel their quality and values are a little better as well.
Pearl Castle Café 圓香生活餐飲 on Urbanspoon

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