Triple coconut tree

Yup, it’s that time again, girls day out! This time the four of us decided to grab us some vietnamese food for lunch. Usually we go out for brunch but C was craving pho so we decided to go to triple coconut tree since it was close by.


I went with my usual, two shrimp salad rolls ($3.99). Unlike most vietnamese restaurants, triple coconut tree doesn’t allow you to order shrimp salad rolls in single orders. Each order comes with two shrimp salad rolls, no lonely salad roll allowed. The rolls were pretty standard, nothing special. They didn’t have the vietnamese ham in them though like they normally do.


Oracle got the grilled chicken bahn mi sandwich ($3.75). She’s gotten this here before and likes it quite a bit. The bun was clearly nice and crispy toasty because she was leaving crumbs all over the table (a good but messy sign). The chicken wasn’t too try on the inside either. I thought that the filling in the bahn mi was a little lacking though compared to the ones I’ve had before at other locations.


Neko got the House Special ($5.99) because she just likes to have everything and she was feeling like a hungry cat. She said it’s pretty decent.


C got the beef ball and well done beef pho ($5.75). She usually gets this when she comes here.


Triple Coconut Tree Restaurant 椰子城越南餐廳 on Urbanspoon

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