Personas tapas bar and lounge

Personas is a tapas bar and lounge found in Grand Villa casino right beside the Buffet there. Grayson and I decided to stop by because we’ve been meaning to try it out ever since it opened a few months ago. We liked the interior of the restaurant because it was quite spacious and comfortable. It also had a dance floor and stage for performances and evening fun.


For lunch I got the small luau black tiger prawn salad ($9.00) which came with arugula, cucumber, green onion, bell peppers, carrots, mango and macadamia nuts with a sweet and sour pineapple vinaigrette. I was surprised when the salad arrived at our table because it was quite a big salad even if it was considered “small.” I could only imagine how large the “big” salad was. I liked the salad quite a bit but I was confused as to why the vinaigrette was pink and not yellow as a pineapple dressing would normally have. It didn’t taste much like pineapple to me either…so I started wondering if they gave me the champagne raspberry vinaigrette from the arugula quinoa salad they had by mistake. Never the less, the dressing was fantastic and I enjoyed it on my salad anyways. The shrimps weren’t over cooked either and were quite aromatic and flavorful.


Although Grayson intended on trying the tacos in the beginning, he ended up choosing the sliders (3 for $12) instead. The first one he tried was the bombay chicken with fried chicken thigh, roasted eggplant and mango chutney. This was his least favorite out of the three he ordered because he found the chicken a little bland. Next he tried the oyster po’ boy which had cajun fried oyster, horseradish cocktail dressing and classic creamy coleslaw. He thought the oyster was well fried and crunchy but would of liked it better if there was a bit more dressing. Now for the ahi tuna slider with blackened rare ahi tuna, sweet and sour slaw and wasabi mayo. He saved this one for last because he figured it would be his favorite and it was! He said the tuna was very well prepared and tasted really fresh. It was a little on the spicy side for him because of the wasabi but other than that it was perfection in a bun.


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