Congee noodle house

We went to congee noodle house for a family dinner to celebrate my aunt moving into a new house. Many of my friends rave about this place and my family comes here quite often for dinner get togethers but because this isn’t the style of cuisine I prefer to eat, this post is just going to be me letting you know what each of the dishes are because I think my personal opinion would be too biased for a fair review.


So going clockwise from the left, here’s what we munched!

The appetizers

Garlic sauteed snow pea sprouts

Steamed oysters with black bean sauce

Fish soup with egg whites, and shrimp

Traditional appetizer platter with jelly fish, pickled carrots, chinese bbq pork, bbq duck, fried pork


The proteins

Sweet and sour shrimp

Orange pork chops

Deep fried soft tofu with scallops and garlic sauce

Sauteed dungeness crab



The carbs

Lobster noodles with cream and cheese sauce

Yin yang fried rice: half covered with cream sauce, peas, and shrimp and the other half covered with tomato sauce, shredded pork, and onions

Flat rice noodles with bean sprouts, green onion and beef sauteed in soy sauce


The dessert

Mango pudding with evaporated milk


Congee Noodle House η²₯麡逨 on Urbanspoon

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  1. Did you just use my blog to advertise yourself? #sorrynotsorry much? LOL I had basically only all the appetizers heh.


  2. carmenkmchen · · Reply

    Hey! That’s coming from the girl who posted her site on my Facebook profile! :P You should include your opinion, it’s your own blog so you’re entitled to what you want to say about the food! I haven’t tried those dishes there, I usually stick to the super unhealthy late night snacks/congee/noodle soups.. soo delicious…


  3. A lot of these dishes look very familiar and comforting to me. Is the chef Cantonese?


    1. I believe so!


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